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Music is taught throughout the school in classes by Mrs Long.

Music Curriculum Plans Nov 14


We learn about a variety of things, such as different types of music and composers, how instruments work and about rhythms. We have a wide range of tuned and untuned instruments in school ranging from large samba drums and foot pianos to maracas and triangles.
We have a lot of fun composing our own music and performing to our own class. If the composition is really impressive it may also be performed in our Class Assemblies!

Key Stage 2 pupils who play an instrument have the opportunity to play to the whole school in assemblies and Class Assemblies. Recorder lessons are also provided within school, with some children taking ABRSM exams.
We also have a recorder group made up of children who have at least Grade 1. This group has gone from strength to strength and has performed in a variety of settings.

We have also put together choirs for special events in the past. Some of the concerts we have been part of are Barnardo’s Concerts at the Albert Hall and the local Flower Festival and Armstrong Gibbs Festival. In the Orchestra we have a chance to play the tuned and untuned instruments more and learn how to play in a group. We have also performed in assembly.
We also have instrumental teachers coming in each week. We currently provide piano, guitar, flute, recorder and clarinet lessons throughout the whole school.