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About Us

The Aims, Ethos and Values of Danbury Park School

Danbury Park School aims to provide each pupil with the best possible education tailored to the individual needs of the child.

The school aims to provide every child with the opportunity to gain recognised achievement through the full development of their potential.  Then this success, however small and in whatever area, is celebrated.

It is our aim to be an open, friendly and accessible school in which each individual has equal value and in which the highest standards in all areas are sought.  Our central concern is always the individual child who will be taught independence, self-reliance, self-motivation and self-discipline via caring, sensitive but challenging teaching.

We aim for our pupils to become confident, articulate and happy members of our school.  We hope that they will see the school, and their place in it, as part of a wider community in which they, as individuals and as a group, can play an active and responsible part.

Courtesy Code

At our school everyone tries to:-

  • Respect other people’s views,
  • Respect other people’s belongings,
  • Care for other people’s feelings,
  • Help anyone in need,
  • Listen when someone else is speaking,
  • Be polite and well mannered,
  • Take turns,
  • Take pride in their work and other people’s work,
  • Look after the school and its grounds,
  • Do their best.