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About Us



Danbury Park Community Primary School’s Vision and Aims

 Be wise, be happy, belong


School Vision

At Danbury Park Community Primary School, we all share a common vision for every child.

We want to enable every child to become:

  • Curious, self-motivated, independent and resilient learners                Be wise
  • Aspirational, confident and happy individuals                                        Be happy
  • Honest, respectful and responsible members of our community          Belong

                                                  These are our guiding principles

We do this through enacting the Danbury Park School code in everything we do.


Danbury Park School’s Code

At our school everyone tries to:

  • Ask questions, solve problems and keep trying, not being afraid to fail;
  • Take pride in their work and the work of others;
  • Be polite and well mannered, respecting the views and feelings of others;
  • Look after our property and that of others, the school and its grounds;
  • Contribute to our community, playing an active and positive part in school life;
  • Do their best.

Our code has been agreed by the children and adults at the school and we expect everyone to uphold it.